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A Message From Principal Daugherty

Posted on: August 28, 2020

Liberty Families,

I would like to begin by saying thank you for your patience. As I am sure you are aware, information changes so often that I hesitate to share things until they are finalized. I am sure you have been frustrated, but I will do my best to get information that is accurate and as timely as possible.

For a detailed daily schedule, contact your child’s teacher.

Two terms you need to know are synchronous and asynchronous. In basic terms, synchronous refers to being online with an instructor present & asynchronous means working on their own. Virtual learning is our new reality and our mission is to give your child professional instruction. Our staff is spending the next two weeks learning, practicing, and planning to give your child the best opportunity possible.

You may be wondering when you will know who your child’s teacher is and that is important. Our teachers will be making personal calls to each family and I am also planning a Virtual Open House, it is a real learning experience for me!

So stay tuned for more information. Be safe, enjoy your family as the staff at Liberty is rolling up their sleeves preparing for a format of learning!

Bob Daugherty


Liberty Elementary