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Insects Invade Liberty!

Posted on: June 1, 2017

The cafeteria at Liberty was recently invaded by insects of all shapes and sizes!  Everything from gigantic fleas to beautiful butterflies were spotted.  The insects, products of the third grade classes, were constructed from a variety of materials.  Plastic pop bottles, paper towel tubes, and other common household items were transformed into insects by the creative-minded students.  The insect project was the culminating activity for a science unit in which the students have been studying a wide variety of insects and the biology associated with them.  Besides constructing an insect, students also produced a tri-fold display which identified their insect and provided interesting factual information.  Parents and other classes toured the cafeteria, where the insects and displays were presented.  Students said they enjoyed the project, were excited to share their work, and enjoyed seeing the excellent projects produces by their classmates!