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Art and Literature Merge in Second Grade

Posted on: February 28, 2017

Students in Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Pierce’s second grade classrooms are getting an opportunity to bring their literature studies to life via art.  Students have been studying the writing traits of persuasion, fact and opinion and have been reading “I Wanna Iguana”, by Karen Kaufman Orloff, in their Readygen materials.  The story involves a young boy, Alex,  who tries to persuade his mother that an iguana would make a wonderful pet for him.  His mom isn’t so sure, so Alex must convince her otherwise.

Art teacher Danica Rickards is helping students take it one step further in her art class.  Students are producing iguanas of various color combinations.  The iguanas are composed of several pieces, each requiring students to use a multitude of skills.   Students are in the process of developing a wide range of interesting looking iguanas!