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Home    Fifth Graders Take On “Engineering Challenge”

Fifth Graders Take On “Engineering Challenge”

Posted on: February 3, 2017

Students in the fifth grade have taken on a variety of fun and challenging activities this year as part of the “Engineering Challenge” concept presented by the fifth grade staff.  These relatively short and engaging activities have ranged from building towers with newspapers to support a thick book, building a system of chutes for a marble roll challenge, building a structure out of straws to support a tennis ball, to building a bridge to see how many pennies the bridge can support spanning 6 inches using only two sheets of paper.

The projects have been well-received by students.   “I like them because you have to work as a team (3-4 students) and cooperate.  Also, sometimes the plan doesn’t work and you have to re-think how to solve the problem” stated one student from Mr. Nazarian’s class.  The concept fits well with the STEAM concept that Liberty teachers are exploring across the grade levels.  Stay posted for future fun and engaging projects!