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Site Council Reviews School Improvement Plan

Posted on: January 20, 2017

The Liberty School Site Council met Thursday, January 19th, and reviewed the school’s improvement plan, which was initiated this past fall.  The plan contains two school goals, one pertaining to attendance and the other to reading.

This past spring, Liberty’s daily average attendance level slipped to 89.6%.  Teachers, parents, and staff recognize the important relationship between attendance and academic growth and a school goal was formulated to increase awareness.  The school goal is to have a final daily attendance average of over 90% by the end of the year.  This is to be accomplished through PBIS activities to promote good attendance, letters to parents with students with excessive tardies or absences, and articles posted on the school’s website and/or newsletters.  The Site Council was pleased to learn that up to this point in the year, the school’s average daily attendance currently sits at 95.1%, with the 5th grade leading the way with a 95.88%!

The other school goal developed this fall concerned reading.  Research indicates that students who have a firm grasp of reading fundamentals by the end of third grade have significant advantages over those students who are not proficient at that time.  The goal was written around Diabolic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS), the District’s diagnostic assessment of reading skills at the various grade levels.  The goal is to have 80% of all students in grades K-3 meet the benchmark criteria by the end of the year DIBELS assessment.  This is to be accomplished through frequent monitoring of student  reading progress and selecting the appropriate reading interventions when called for.  Following DIBELS assessments in the fall, the school was at 66% meeting benchmark, with 23% identified as needing intensive instruction.  Data from the recently completed winter DIBELS assessment shows growth, with 68% of students identified as meeting benchmark and those readers needing intensive support dropping to 20%.  It is anticipated that significant growth will be reflected in the spring DIBELS assessment.

Jim Johnson and Tim Hanson are the parent representatives on the Site Council.  Please feel free to share thoughts and ideas with them or Principal Sipe.  The next Site Council meeting is scheduled after spring DIBELS assessments to review the school’s goals and plan ahead for the 2017-18 school year.