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Art Project Compliments 3rd Grade Reading Curriculum

Posted on: November 7, 2016

It’s Alaska 1948 and ten-year-old Frederika has just watched her teacher leave — another in a long line of teachers who have left the village because the smell of fish was too strong, the way of life too hard. Will another teacher come to the small Athabascan village on the Koyukuk River to teach Fred and her friends in the one-room schoolhouse? Will she stay, or will she hate the smell of fish, too?

In The Year of Miss Agnes, by Kirkpatrick Hill,  third graders are reading a story about Alaska, about the old ways and the new, about pride. And it’s a story about a great teacher who opens a door to the world — where, once you go through, nothing is ever the same again.

Additionally, they are getting an opportunity to study Native North American art.  Art teacher Danica Rickards has designed lessons which help students become familiar with the purpose and different  styles of animal representations used by various groups.  Students will have a variety of projects in which to try their hands.